Mounted vehicle
DW 5 ton Long Body
Equipment (HLW) 3,900 9,770 2,400mm
Workable height 46m
Boom steps 7 - Step Interlocking
Riding platform (HLW) 1,150 1,700(3,000) 600(1,100)mm
Outrigger (FrontRear) 7,200 7,200mm
Basic spec.

Cabin(Driver's Seat), Wireless Remote Control, Electric Reel, Oil Cooler, Work Light,
Overturning-preventing sensor,Boom Shaking-prevention Brake,
Basic Tool Set, Load Sensing Equipment (AML)

Optional spec. Air Reel, Bump Outrigger, Auxiliary winch, AC Power Inverter
The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
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